Mission Statement

Company Mission

The primary function of the Whitman Investment Company is to serve as an extension of the course offerings at Whitman College. The College is “dedicated to learning, scholarship, personal growth, education of character, and personal responsibility.” Based upon those ideals, The Whitman Investment Company defines its mission:

Mission Statement

To apply the foundations gained in a liberal arts education to the practical world of finance while providing investment returns to the Whitman College community.

Guiding Principles

1) Mutual Respect and Trust

2) Open and Honest Communication

3) Involvement with the Whitman College Community

4) Educational Growth

5) Learning from Guidance and Education

Following these principles, we seek to establish a company that exceeds the expectations of our peers, the community, the Economics Department and Whitman College. It is our firm commitment to model all company operations to meet this overall goal.

Measuring Success

We measure success not only by our bottom line, but by whether or not we have impacted students at Whitman College. Success means participation from students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines. Success means committed members that work each day to maximize fund performance, whether Whitman College is in session or not. Success means that over time, interest in the Whitman Investment Company, and interest in the financial world will grow within the Whitman College Community.

Statement of Ethics

The Whitman Investment Company will strive to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards possible. To that end, the Whitman Investment Company investment goals, objectives, investment philosophy, investment management decisions, portfolio composition, and performance standards, are governed by and comply with the Whitman College Endowment Investment Goals and Directives to the Investment Committee. These have been approved by the Whitman College Board of Trustees. For more information about these Goals and Directives, please contact Whitman College Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Peter Harvey.